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Hannah, is the proud co-founder of Love Theatre Arts, bringing a wealth of experience as a professional dancer and choreographer. Her journey began with three years of rigorous training at the prestigious Urdang Academy. 


Since the inception of Love Theatre Arts in 2013, Hannah has been instrumental in its growth, particularly in developing the Saturday School into a thriving community of over 300 students, spanning ages 2 to 18. Her commitment extends beyond the Saturday School, as she spearheads the establishment of successful after-school programmes in more than 20 schools within the Sutton and Epsom Borough.


Balancing her role as a full-time mum, with her professional endeavors, Hannah exemplifies a strong work ethic, ensuring that every student at Love Theatre Arts receives nothing but the highest quality instruction and leaves with smiles of joy and fulfilment.


Hannah is excited about the future of Love Theatre Arts, and anticipates a whirlwind of fun and new opportunities. With a decade of success behind them, she and her team are poised to embrace whatever challenges and adventures lie ahead, continuing to enrich the lives of aspiring performers and spreading the joy of the arts.

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