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Love Theatre Arts is a school that has been produced to provide a professional, fun, and enthusiastic home for children who wish to partake in the teachings of Musical Theatre & Dance. 

"We look to put the arts into the hearts of children, and help them reach their goals however big or small they are." 


Our aim is to open the eyes of children to the various theatrical opportunities they may wish to follow in the future. Love Theatre Arts provides the important role of infusing the passion of theatre 

into young children; to help them build their confidence, to nurture their imagination, and to keeping children fit focused and fuelled to learn through performing arts.


Below is what we offer to our students...


musical theatre


Ages 2 - 18 

Cheam High School



Tuesdays & Fridays

Ages 5 - 18

Cheam High School




Ages 8 - 18

Cheam High School


1-1 tuition


Ages 5 - 18

Cheam High School



Love Theatre Arts was established in 2013, whereby Nick Parker Tutt & Hannah Lewis began their quest into keeping children fit, focused and fuelled to learn through their passion for the arts. Before officially opening our doors, we took our time ensuring that all branding, website, uniform, marketing tools were in place to construct the foundation to begin to build our school upon. We found our wonderful premise with new studios, in Cheam High School, and as they say, the rest was history.


Once opening, we wanted to start small and grow, so only offered classes for children aged 4-7, with a 90 minute lesson every Saturday. We promoted outside the local supermarket, whereby we fortunately enticed enough people to bring their children to Love Theatre Arts’ opening class. We started our first term with 10 children, and are proud to claim that 80% of them children still remain with us all these years on. After two terms of only having one class with one age range, we felt there was a ‘want’ for a class slightly older as siblings of our students were wanting to join. There is a common trend with the decision making at Love Theatre Arts; if there is a need or want from our students, we find a way of producing results to make their wishes reality. If it wasn’t for our students and their parents, we may not have started our annual Summer School, Guitar Lessons, Speech & Drama Exams and we may not have extended our ages from 2-18.


Inevitably when more classes are formed, your staff grows with you. We are proud to have such a great faculty working with us, to whom all attended prestigious Dance and Drama Schools. The teaching our teachers give is nothing short of what they have been taught themselves. Our passion and ethos is instilled within those teachers and they too believe the importance of infusing the passion of the Theatre into young children; to help them build confidence, to nurture their imagination, and keep students active and fit. At Love Theatre Arts we teach all abilities and there is a path for all.

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